Foods highest in vitamin B12

What you need to know about Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, otherwise known as cobalamin (cobalamine), has the most complicated structural makeup among the B-complex group. It is essential for neurological health, DNA...
Scurvey was the curse of an 18th century sailor's life. Tooth loss was exceptionally common.

Scurvey is back and you may be at risk!

Scurvey! That scourge of old-time sailors, stuck at sea for months with no fresh food. It's back! Tiredness, aching limbs, hair and tooth loss,...
Non Stick Cookware

Fact or Myth… seasoning non-stick cookware

Good cookware is an investment in pleasure. But it is also a financial investment in that quality cookware can last a lifetime. Nonstick cookware...



Crispy Oven Fish and Chips with Dill Tartar Sauce

Crispy Oven Fish and Chips with Dill Tartar Sauce - Enjoy this crispy oven baked favourite with your cold beverage this summer! - mayonnaise,...



Bucatini with Pancetta, Field Mushrooms and Cavolo Nero

Bucatini with Pancetta, Field Mushrooms and Cavolo Nero - A delicious, nutritious, easy lunch or dinner! - Bucatini or thick spaghetti, olive oil, pancetta...

Linguine al Vongole


Gazpacho with grilled tomatoes

Gazpacho with charred tomatoes

Gazpacho with charred tomatoes - Gazpacho is so easy to make and yet is a real crowd pleaser on a warm summer's day. Charring...
Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream with Overripe Bananas

Chocolate Ice Cream with Overripe Bananas - This chocolate ice cream is a great recipe to make in case you have overripe bananas in...
Grilled Salad

Grill your salad!

Universal Chimichurri - While you’re waiting for the meat and fish to finish is an ideal time to put on some romaine lettuce wedges....
Delicious rustic baked vegetables with fresh rosemary

Rustic Roasted Vegetables

Rustic Roasted Vegetables - A simple, easy to prepare and cook complete meal or use to accompany any roast or grilled meat dish. -...
Nuts are a highly nutritious seed that should have a place in every diet!

You’d be nuts if you didn’t!

In again... out again... in yet again! How many foods have you seen 'trashed' by the 'experts', only to come back as the hot...

Tomato, Cheese & Herb Muffins

Tomato, Cheese & Herb Muffins - - Wholemeal flour, baking powder, Butter (melted), egg, Milk, coarsely grated parmesan cheese, Grated tasty cheddar cheese,...


Make Beer Ice Cream for Father’s Day

Beer Ice Cream
Beer Ice Cream - Make this beer ice cream by Louise Emerick for Father's Day! You can choose from a wide variety of malty...

Cheesy Onion Casserole

Cheesy Onion Casserole - This is a heavenly side dish we served for Thanksgiving last year. Everyone loved it together with the roasted pork...