How to make succulent cupcakes

Succulent Cupcakes

Succulents are the¬†smallest and most beautiful type of plant we can use as green indoor decor. So¬†if you’re looking for ideas to decorate¬†your favourite cupcake, why not use succulents as well? Well, not with real succulent plants — just realistic succulents made from fondant! The cupcakes are first dipped in crushed crackers or biscuits to¬†resemble […]


Great any time of year, this chocolate Easter cake is the perfect alternative celebration cake for non-fruit lovers. A rich chocolate cake cooked in the cast iron casserole, layered and topped with a chocolate ganache frosting and homemade chocolate marzipan. For a traditional finish decorate with chocolate marzipan balls and candy-coated mini eggs. The cake can also be decorated with a pistachio marzipan if you wish (see the recipe below).

Preparation and Making time: 45 – 60 minutes + extra time for cooling
Cooking time: 50 – 60 minutes

Chocolate Crazy Cake (with one-minute frosting recipe)

No bowls, no eggs, no butter, and no milk. This chocolate cake is moist; better than the other cakes out there. It really is crazy! Also known as Depression cake, this recipe was discovered during the Great Depression when produce such as milk and eggs were scarce.

Valentine’s Day Cupcake Ideas for Your Sweetheart!

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day! The most romantic day of the year is almost here again! And¬†we’re certain many of you, like us, are thinking of how you could make February 14th¬†special for your sweetheart! Now no matter how experienced you are with baking – or how much or how little time you have¬†– cupcakes are one of […]

Banana Bread Mug Cake

Banana Bread Mug Cake

A slightly sweeter and denser version of a banana bread, this mug cake recipe just is the perfect way to satisfy your craving! Great topped with ice cream, too! And what’s even better is that it cooks in under 2 minutes. :) Want one?

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