Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest Posting Opportunities

Have you got something to contribute to our community of DIYers? Is it something you’ve made or built? Or is it a commercially oriented article promoting a product or service?

Our posts are seen by up to 1.5 million people every month. We welcome all contributors but we do have a set of rules that we need contributors to abide by. They’re simple but essential:

  1. Your article must be of genuine value to our readers
  2. It must be well written and original. We check every submission through Copyscape
  3. It must contain at least two fully licenced images relevant to the post
  4. It cannot have more than three external links to a product or service and those links cannot be in the first half of your article

Is there a fee to publish?

Maybe… it depends on whether your post is commercially linked. So again, the system is very simple:

  • If there are no links to any product or service, there is no fee 🙂
  • If there is one link to a product or service, the fee is USD$75.00
  • If there are two links to products or services, the fee is USD$100.00
  • If there are three links to products or services, the fee is USD$125.00

All submissions are manually reviewed. If your post is non-commercial it will be scheduled for posting and promotion via our social media activities.

If your post is of a commercial nature, we may make minor edits before sending it back to you for approval and payment via a PayPal invoice. The article will be posted and promoted to our readers after payment has been received.

Q: How long will my post stay live on your site?
A: As long as it’s relevant. If the content is ‘evergreen’ there is no reason for us to ever remove it.

Q: Who owns my post after I submit it?
A: The content is always yours but you consent to us promoting the post in any way that we choose.

Q: Do you allow ‘do follow’ links?
A: Yes. Just remember our very first requirement… Your article must be of genuine value to our readers.

Q: If I don’t have suitable images, can you provide them?
A: Yes, but each additional image will add USD$11 to your publishing fee.

Q: I have a different question. How do I contact you?
A: You can email us directly at

You can start posting right now. Start typing 🙂

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