Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

Grilling pizza is so easy and delicious, you may never go back to store-bought. Two simple additions to your grilling arsenal make this easy: a pizza stone and a source for pre-made pizza dough. A pizza stone will cost about $40, but it will last a lifetime. Many grocery stores sell pre-made pizza dough in 1-pound […]

One-Skillet Paella


Paella is a savory dish that traditionally requires patience, skill and an epic amount of time to prepare. But this recipe is a different story – it cuts down on cleanup without sacrificing flavour! So how about some delicious high-protein Spanish dish for your next recipe to try? This is definitely a great weekend meal!

KFC-Style High-Protein Popcorn Chicken

KFC Style HighProtein Popcorn Chicken

Do you love KFC’s popcorn chicken? Well, this recipe is as good when it comes to flavour but definitely the better option if you’re trying to eat healthy!

Artisan BBQ Chicken Pizza

Artisan BBQ Chicken Pizza

Enjoying the warmer temperatures is more than just going on adventures. It’s also a great time to have friends over for a pizza dinner outdoors. This recipe for BBQ Chicken Pizza is perfect for indoors or outdoors, but when you have the chance to cook outdoors, we say, go ahead!

Chicken in Red Wine Sauce

Chicken and Red Wine

When I came across this recipe, it originally called for a full cup of sugar which I thought would make it way too sweet. I figured the purpose of the sugar was to create the glaze but I cut it back to just one tablespoon anyway. I am very happy with the result but you may want to experiment with more sugar.